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investorseurope is the world’s most comprehensive online trading portal and is currently in the process of harnessing robo-advisers to supplement its extensive selection of online trading platforms. investorseurope was set up in Gibraltar in 2001 by Bertrand Boulle. After twelve years of continuous development within the EU, investorseurope extended the reach of the online trading portal’s activities to Asia, Africa and Oceania in January 2013 when it was Licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius,

A former colony of Great Britain, Mauritius is quite possibly the most successful developing country since independence, having grown an average of 5% per annum for the forty consecutive years ending 2014.

investorseurope is the lowest risk financial institution possible. It is an execution-only stockbroker, has no portfolio, runs no proprietary positions and staff, management and owners are not permitted to trade in any capacity. This means that the company can never have any conflicts of interest with individually margined and segregated clients and its capital is never at risk in the Financial Markets. In addition to its very successful fifteen year growth as a pure execution-only stockbroker, investorseurope offers the very highest levels of client protection by continuing to hold MiFID designated client portfolios in the UK rather than in the Euro area. This is because the UK offers higher levels of overall protection to the company’s underlying clients under the UK’s Investor Protection Scheme than would be the case if they were held within the Euro area. The company further reinforces the ringfencing of its clients by voluntarily subscribing to a global Professional Indemnity and Fraud insurance with AIG.

All these factors mean investorseurope is unique amongst regulated institutions and has effectively created its own benchmark for the protection of clients.

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