The Pillars of Hercules

The Pillars of Hercules

A Big Welcome To Investors Europe!

Investors Europe Limited (“IEL”) was founded by Bertrand Boulle in 2001 in Gibraltar and it is currently Europe’s largest independently owned Offshore Introducing Broker. IEL worked as  a Spot Forex Broker until April 2016 from Gibraltar when it discontinued this non-regulated activity to refocus on its core business as an introducing broker.

Investors Europe Mauritius (“IELM”) is a regulated execution-only stockbroker and deals with all other regulated financial products, excluding Spot Forex. IELM has no portfolio and does not run any positions. IELM’s founder and owner is an internationally known figure. The firm’s independence as an offshore stock broker is an important guarantee of privacy in the wake of the nationalisation and control of banks since the Financial Crisis. Fiscal changes underway during the period 2016 -2019 in the UK, EU and USA underscore the importance of this independence.

Investors Europe Gibraltar’s function is to serve as an Introducing Broker to Investors Europe Mauritius, whose regulatory details and investor protection insurances are set out below:

Investors Europe Mauritius’ commitment to client protection has no equal because in addition to being a lowest risk execution-only broker, it voluntarily invests in an additional Professional Liability Insurance and fraud insurance with AIG as an extra safeguard. The firm boasts the largest selection of independent online trading platforms. When all these protections are allied to the company’s Nominee Trading Accounts, the privacy of clients is greatly enhanced and it makes the company unique in terms of client protection.

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