Black River Post Box, Open Nominee Trading Account
Black River Post Box, Open Nominee Trading Account

Open A Nominee Trading Account

Investors Europe designated Nominee Trading Accounts (e.g. MSB 369) are offered alongside regular trading accounts opened in a client’s own name.

How does  a Nominee Trading Account work?

The Benefits

  • You trade through the company under a MSB designated account and your right to trading privacy is reinforced.
  • Secure, dematerialised on-line scurities.
  • Further information is available here.

The Costs

  • A Nominee Trading Account opened at Investors Europe Mauritius with a value of less than USD $50.000 will be charged a USD $ 50 opening fee.
  • Trading accounts where, at the close of business on the relevant quarter ending date, a trading account has a cash and/ or portfolio value of less than USD $ 10.000 (for USD accounts) or Eur 10.000 (for Euro and other currency accounts) and no trades have been executed since the previous quarter ending date, then an account administration fee of USD $ 30 per quarter will be levied for the first quarter and thereafter, monthly, at the same pro rata temporis rate of USD $ 10.

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