Dark Tamarin Sunset, courtesy @digitalnapoleon
Dark Tamarin Sunset, courtesy @digitalnapoleon

Opening an Offshore Fund to trade financial markets

  • If you want to set up an offshore Fund, we can help set your trading operations up quickly so you can globally trade Stocks, Equities, CFDs, ETFs, Futures & Options and bonds via investorseurope’s  stable of independent offshore trading platforms.
  • Over the years, we have built up a sizeable database of offshore contacts from the BVI to Mauritius with specialist Lawyers, Company Managers and Fund Administrators throughout the world from our vantage point as the world’s premier Offshore Stock Broker. These tested and trusted professionals will even help you to apply for a stock broker’s Licence.
  • To make a preliminary enquiry, please call our Sales Department on +350 200 40303. Alternatively, contact trading@investorseurope.net or chat to us ‘live’ below.
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